United Democratic MovementThe United Democratic Movement (UDM) in KZN, appeals to the Department of Education in the province, to be cognisant of the ‘transparency’ element in the ‘Batho Pele’ principle when it comes to employment of teachers.

The Department has since taken upon itself in employing teachers instead of them being appointed at their respective districts due to “alleged corruption which involved nepotism and bribery”, among other reasons. All teachers seeking positions are required to enter their details on the provincial database, online. The unfortunate part is that nothing gets sent to the applicant which serves as a confirmation of successful registration on the database, other than the pop-up on the screen after a successful registration.

Against the fact that, as the UDM, we have spoken to quite a few teachers who are still waiting for more than a year for placements, the UDM registers a concern that in December 2019, there was a facebook notification which was later made a whatsapp message that was circulated, calling for the qualified teachers to present themselves to a private lawyers premises in Pietermaritzburg, whereby the teachers were appointed on the spot. The UDM visited these premises on 14 January 2020 and confirmation was made that teachers were interviewed from those premises and were appointed on the spot.

Therefore, the United Democratic Movement (UDM) in KZN, calls for the Department of Education in the province to explain the purpose and use of the database whereas it uses some private persons to randomly hire teachers from their private premises on its behalf, disregarding the database system that it put in place. The employment system must be transparent.


Statement issued by:

Boysey Gumede
UDM-KZN Interim Provincial Secretary