United Democratic MovementThe United Democratic Movement is perturbed by the news that the MEC for Education in the Province is using a hired motor vehicle for his official business that is costing taxpayers a whooping R100 000 per month.

This is unbelievable if one considers that the ANC claims to be the government of the people and which represent the poorest of the poor. This is an illustration that the ANC led government does not practice what it teaches. The same government has made a lot of noise that it is going to do everything to save but look at this. This country is a now replica of Animal Farm.

In five months’, time with this money a big luxurious motor vehicle in the range of a Toyota Fortuner can be easily bought.

The big question that the UDM is asking, is this procurement of this hired motor vehicle in question a result of gross negligence or incompetence of officials or the department itself? Does this mean the motor vehicles of the state are not insured with a benefit of a provision of hired vehicles if it happened that they are booked for service or repairs? Courtesy cars should be available, This raises so much concern.

The UDM KZN calls upon the Office of the Premier to do a proper investigation on this matter that will among other things find those involved who did not do their work. Whoever found wanting must pay back the money that has been spent unwisely. This is pure wasteful expenditure.


Issued by:

Boysey Gumede

UDM-KZN Interim Provincial Secretary