The long-standing Israeli-Palestinian conflict is well documented, but United States President Donald Trump’s “peace plan” might put peace between Israel and the Palestinians even further out of reach.

It is an extreme pity that former President Nelson Mandela’s efforts to end their struggle was left to peter out.

However, history has taught us that, whenever the United States attempts to solve problems in the region it always appears to be that they support one faction or country against another, instead of following an inclusive approach.

The United Democratic Movement believes that a deeply conceited United States is abusing its influence and power, to “give us an idea of what the world should look like according to Trump” (and therefore America). This style of diplomacy will surely not bring lasting peace to the region.

South Africa, as a member of the United Nations Security Council, has a responsibility to oppose any act that might escalate an already untenable situation to full-blown war.

We also call on the United States and her president to act soberly and to not abuse their might as their current pro-Israel stance is not conducive to finding a solution that will work for both sides.