For far too long, the Democratic Alliance (DA) has used every nefarious political tactic to tarnish the image and reputation of the of the United Democratic Movement (UDM) and Comrade Mongameli Bobani with baseless accusations.

The smear campaign against Mr Bobani started during the days of Athol Trollip and Mmusi Maimane without evidence. They continued to label Bobani as corrupt thereby indirectly saying the UDM is corrupt tarnishing its name without a just cause.

DA claimed to have instructed Price Water Coopers to investigate Bobani and there were no findings that implicated Bobani that suggest he had been involved in any corrupt activities.

Still under the little stunt of the leadership by John Steenhuisen the attack against Bobani continues.

The UDMYV is not going to sit back and watch its mother-body being dragged to the mud by anyone in the DA. The DA must provide the UDM with proof of whatever wrongdoing by Bobani so that it can act.

Mr Bobani has been subjected to unfair practices by the Hawks when they raided his home and his office during his tenure as the Executive Mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay Metro. The hawks could not find anything committed by Bobani which against the law of the country.

This must stop and time is now!

John Steenhuisen, Mr Judas as affectionately called by his previous leader Mmusi Maimane must focus on leading the DA which is marred with racial tensions. He must show young South Africans that the DA is indeed an agent of transformation and not a racist organisation.

Issued by: Yongama Zigebe
UDMYV Gauteng Secretary