Ms Thandi Nontenja

Dear Mr President

Recently, the country has been ravaged by news of gender based violence, women being abducted, raped and murdered. This is an everyday life for women in this country hence now we have the #AmInext movement, because honestly we are constantly stressing about who is going to be a victim of these atrocities ravaging our communities.

The United Democratic Movement Women’s Organisation call on you Mr President, to speedily act on this, as women are under attack, the time for speeches and dialogues around these issues is over. We would like to see a government that implements change and not just talk about it. One of the things we would like to see is co-operation between the Departments or Ministries that fall under the cluster of peace and security.

There seems to be no synergy and this is a contributing factor to the rise in violence in this country.  If the SAPS manage to arrest the criminal; Justice will release him either on bail or on lack of evidence; if Justice sentence the criminal, Correctional Services will release him on parole.

The UDEMWO call upon the government either amend the laws of this country as the law is currently favouring the criminals at the expense of the victims, or bring back the death penalty.

Had it not been for Luyanda Botha, the late Uyinene Mrhwetyana’s murderer being released on parole from his previous convictions, the young girl would be still alive, pursuing her dreams. The question still remains, how did Luyanda end up working for a state owned enterprise with criminal records?  Mr President, The Government continues to fail us!

The Department of Women’s voice is not being heard, Minister Maite-Nkoana Mashabane is not vocal and not seen taking part in bringing about solution in the threatening situation, which is claiming lives of women especially in the past week.

UDEMWO believes that when one tramples the other person’s rights, he must forfeit his rights.

Enough with the lip service, Action must be taken NOW!



Issued by Thandi Nontenja

UDEMWO Secretary