Ms Thandi Nontenja

The United Democratic Movement Women’s Organization is disheartened by violence against women and children that is currently taking place throughout South Africa, Uyinene Mrwetyana a young girl who had a bright future was deprived an opportunity to achieve her goals and dreams, she didn’t just die, she was brutally murdered. Jeighandre Jegels a boxing champion from the Eastern Cape was also killed by her Police Officer boyfriend. A body of a young lady who was raped and murdered was discovered yesterday in a school premises at Kwa Mashu, north of Durban

The UDEMWO calls on the African National Congress government to stop gambling with young women’s lives, just two years ago, we lost Karabo Mokoena and nothing was done, the government had to wait for next victims to act as if they care.

In the case of Mrwetyana, it is alleged that the perpetrator has a criminal record, which takes us back to the call made by UDEMWO that government departments should work in a synergy.  Early paroles dished out to criminals perpetuate criminal acts against women and children.

On a daily basis women and children go missing, simply because they are not protected by the government. They are soft targets for the perpetrators. The state security agencies are to blame, they do not seem to have a plan to fight and curb the scourge.

As much as some of these crime offenders face jail time, it seems this type of sentence do not act as a deterrent factor. The UDEMWO believe it is high time that a referendum is conducted to determine whether a death penalty should be brought back or our courts continue to meter out these sentences that are not effective.

Women and children deserve better and the government must make it a point that they are protected twenty four hours a day where they are, in their homes or streets.

The UDEMWO is calling upon the government and relevant departments to effectively prioritise the safety of women and children.  The government MUST STOP this habit of quickly sending condolences to the families of the victims but must act fast and swiftly in apprehending and putting perpetrators behind bars.

Ms Thandi Nontenja

UDEMWO Secretary