Ms Jesse Duarte took the opportunity to make scornful remarks about leaders who have left the African National Congress (ANC), and casting aspersion on their integrity, in an SABC “documentary”. Clearly, the SABC is still run as a subsidiary of the ANC and it still uses the public broadcaster as a publicity tool, hiding its propaganda in the guise of so-called documentaries.

Ms Duarte in a recent “documentary” attacked me by calling me a dictator. I answered the volley and now the ANC is defending Ms Duarte by conveniently playing the gender card.

We have, over the years, noted that Ms Duarte has a tendency of even undermining her own leaders in the media. Now, when she experiences vehement resistance and someone calls her out, she (and the ANC) cries foul.

The time for the ANC of just attacking anybody in this country without expecting a comeback is over; they must go find someone else to bully.

Issued by:
Mr Bantu Holomisa
UDM President