Second quarter stats have shown that youth unemployment has risen significantly and President Cyril Ramaphosa has cautioned the citizens of this country to prepare themselves for more job losses. These pronouncements come just after the President’s famous promise of the creation of two million jobs in ten years’ time.

President Ramaphosa cannot make beautiful statements in his SONA and budget speech address to only come to us a little later, saying things are not going to work out as he promised. Surely the President knew of the likelihood of job losses whilst he was making his speeches? Is this some form of warped reverse psychology?

We, in part, suffer this fate because of the African National Congress’ selfish factional battles at play in the public discourse. We have our President battling the Public Protector, and ministers and prominent public figures slinging mud at each other. It is the country that suffers because of this public posturing and ugly spats.

Young people of South Africa, we are in a crisis and we need to stand up against pretence and empty promises. If we stand idly by, we will go straight to the pit holes of poverty that will take many more years to overcome.

We cannot allow this any further.

The United Democratic Movement Youth Vanguard reiterates the call that the United Democratic Movement made in its manifesto that an urgent Economic Indaba is needed to find ways to stop this country from degenerating any further. If the incumbent leadership is serious about taking South Africa forward, we need a New Era Codesa (Economic Indaba) and soon.

Issued by:
Mr Yongama Zigebe
Gauteng Provincial Secretary, UDM Youth Vanguard