Dear Advocate Lubbe SC


I herewith acknowledge receipt of your email, dated 6 July 2019, wherein you informed me that – according to the rules of the commission of inquiry into allegations of impropriety regarding the Public Investment Corporation (‘the Commission’) – I may today be implicated in evidence to be submitted by Dr Dan Matjila, former Chief Executive Officer of the Public Investment Corporation (PIC).

I wish to inform the Commission about information that has been provided to me by a whistle-blower regarding an alleged forensic review report (dated 15 April 2019) (‘the report”) as commissioned by the PIC board from Nexus Forensic Services regarding a VBS Mutual Bank investment transaction.

1. According to the alleged report, Dr Matjila, together with the PIC’s former chief risk officer Paul Magula and the head of legal Ernest Nesane received loans from VBS Mutual Bank. The allegations about the loans to the latter two gentlemen have been widely reported on in the media.

2. Dr Matjila has never declared a VBS Mutual Bank loan allegedly extended to him, to the value of R2 456 761.66, as required, which may constitute a conflict of interest and even possible criminal conduct.

3. The term of Dr Matjila’s loan is alleged to be a thirty (30) year period, which raises the questions whether a) the loan was extended at arm’s length and b) such a lengthy repayment period was the standard for VBS Mutual Bank?

4. In terms of the conditions of the loan, it is allegedly unclear whether the loan was intended to ever be repaid, or whether it is/was in fact being repaid. The only way to establish the veracity of this allegation is to scrutinise the dates of disbursement and repayment.

5. If there is any truth in these allegations, it raises serious concerns about Advocate Terry Motau SC’s report called: “The Great Bank Heist”. Why did Advocate Motau’s report omit Dr Matjila’s alleged loan, especially given his position as PIC CEO?

6. Why did Advocate Motua’s report exclusively focus on Messrs Magula and Nesane? Common sense would dictate that Advocate Motau would have declared Dr Matjila’s alleged loan even if no wrongdoing was apparent.

7. The alleged report apparently states that Dr Matjila holds ten directorships, but according to the whistle-blower, around two have not been disclosed as required.

8. As we all know, Advocate Terry Motau’s report revealed that a cash sum of R5 million was apparently “stolen” from VBS Mutual Bank, allegedly to bribe Dr Matjila to obtain his cooperation in facilitating the funding of VBS Mutual Banks’ requirements by the PIC. Famously, the money was reportedly carried by helicopter from Makhado to Lanseria Airport.

If the alleged report is anything to go by, one could argue that Dr Matjila had personally benefitted from nearly R7.5 million of VBS Mutual Bank money.

9. Nexus Forensic Services’ alleged report apparently recommended that the PIC board should pursue criminal investigation. If that is true, the question is what has the board done about this recommendation and if nothing, why?

Lastly and with respect, given the information the whistle-blower has imparted to me, I wanted to establish whether the Commission is aware of this alleged report and if not, could the Commission make enquiry into obtaining the said report to assist in its investigation.

Yours sincerely
Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP
UDM President