The United Democratic Movement Youth Vanguard has embodied President Cyril Ramaphosa innate ability aka “shockness”, UDMYV is shocked and dismayed by the revelations of a heritage fund meant for free education and helping the poor out of the doldrums of poverty by Veteran Tokyo Sexwale.

These are serious allegations made by the tried and tested member of the ruling party and having said that this fund has been stolen before it even reaches the point where it is circulating in the economy.

Minister Mboweni should come out of the kitchen now and tell the nation especially students who every year take to the streets and protest for free quality higher education. We demand answers, we demand to know where is this fund and why it has not been circulated for its intended purpose? Who stole the money, how and what are they doing in dealing decisively with the scoundrel thief?

Young South Africans dreams are held captive by thieves, selfish and self-serving individuals masquerading as their leaders. UDMYV calls on Mr Tokyo Sexwale to give more details of his allegations into the thieving of the heritage fund, supply documentation and once and for all stand for the truth and saving a South African child, President Ramaphosa and President Zuma to speak out and have the confidence of young South Africans at heart for once

We are tired of being made poor whereas means and resources are there to change the vast inequalities our people face daily.

If all is true and factual this government should be ashamed and if any ethics left they should leave office with immediate effect.

Young South Africans the future is in your hands, start using your power and show this inhumane government who you are at the polls with the power of your X.

Issued by:

Mr Yongama Zigebe

UDM Youth Vanguard