Mr CM Ramaphosa
President of the Republic of South Africa
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Mr PG Masualle
Premier of the Eastern Cape
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Mr TW Mchunu
Premiere of KwaZulu-Natal
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Dear Sirs

Various community concerns: Eastern Cape and Kwazulu-Natal

From the beginning of March 2019, I had the privilege to visit various communities in the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. From my interaction with them, it is clear that there is a desperate cry for attention and service delivery.

Hereunder are the concerns and requests raised by the various communities

1. KwaZulu-Natal, Zululand District Municipality
1.1. Ukhukho village in Ulundi under Nkosi Zungu, The following requests and concerns were raised:
• Discrimination on employment and youth unemployment.
• RDP housing is needed.
• Lack of water supply.
• The coal mine in the area should give bursaries for the community’s children.
• A lot of water is consumed by the coal mine, which deprives the surrounding communities.
• A new crèche is needed after Ozweleni one was destroyed in a storm.
• They are requesting for an ITC centre to help the community in their basic needs, this facility could also be used as a call-centre to communicate with government and the mining houses. The same centre could be used to run workshops and develop skills for the community e.g. agricultural training.

1.2. Msinga Municipality under Nkosi Mthembu, he following requests and concerns were raised
• Lack of water.
• No jobs.
• Ngubo Dam in the Thugela River is close to this community and they request engines to pump water to their areas, as well as that they be supplied with tractors.
• Fencing for mealie and grazing fields is needed.
• Educated children are being exploited by being continuously called upon to do government work as volunteers without getting permanent employment with little or no stipends at all.

1.3. Msinga at Gordons Stars Village, the following requests and concerns were raised
• The main complaint is access to water.
• No roads.
• Unemployment.
• Local people are not employed at Pomeroy hospital.
• Qualified teachers cannot find employment.

2. Eastern Cape
2.1. Dangwane A/A, Mount Frerre, the following requests and concerns were raised
• Water and access roads
• High stock theft and owners do not get police protection after they have located their stolen animals.
• Drugs peddlers must be arrested,
• The ANC discriminates against communities who do not belong to the party when RDP houses are issued.
• High crime rates.
• Speed humps are needed on the N2 which passes through their area.
• Electricity is needed in some newly built villages.
• Unfair discrimination when jib is allocated.
• No medication and service at the local clinic.
• Criminals use underaged children to commit crime, then these children are released by police without charging them.
• Clinic at Empindweni not in use, it is standing there as a white elephant.
• The community of KwaBhaca, in general, is complaining about stock theft. They claim that these stock thieves are known but there are not caught and prosecuted. They kindly request police to assist them, although they allege that some police are part of the problem.
• Demarcation board does not consult communities.

2.2. Ward 24, Mount Frere,
a. All the villages of Ward 24 request a shopping mall as they are far away from town.

b. Sivumela A/A The following requests and concerns were raised:
• Access roads
• Water
• Unemployment is too high; young people do not have work.
• Bursaries for children.
• Need for recreational and sport grounds
• Nepotism is the order of the day when people are employed when projects are introduced in their areas.
• Seeds for mealies and vegetables.
• Assistance for the destitute children.
• RDP houses.

c. Magontsini A/A The following requests and concerns were raised:
• Electrification
• Roads are impassable
• RDP houses
• Toilets

d. Mnyamana A/A The following requests and concerns were raised:
• Electrification in the area
• RDP houses with water tanks
• Crèche
• Agricultural projects

e. Luyengweni A/A. The following requests and concerns were raised:
• Roads
• Water tanks
• Agricultural seeds

f. Chwebeni A/A area The following requests and concerns were raised:
• Water tanks
• RDP houses
• Doing away with nepotism when people are employed in a projects.

g. Ezigadini A/A area The following requests and concerns were raised:
• MTN reception pole.
• Water.
• A pre-school.
• Sport grounds.
• Roads.

2.3. Bizana Local Municipality, Eastern Cape
a. Nkantolo A/A . The following requests and concerns were raised:
• Demarcation board is deviding communities.
• They were promised 2000 houses many years ago, but only 500 were built. What happened to the money which was earmarked for this project?
• Mr Gugile Nkwinti, whilst MEC, gave them two tractors and these tractors have not been functioning for years yet we are told that there was a R3m allocated budget for these tractors to function.
• They claim that the home of OR Tambo do not deserve the so called R25m spent in building it. They request that there be an investigation as they suspect corruption.
• The multipurpose centre has been dogged by controversy where millions of rand are reported to have been stolen. As a result, contractors are being changed on a daily basis.
• At OR Tambo Tech High there are no practicals for students because there are no provision for a workshop with required tools.
• The road T112 from Magelaan to Ludeke must be fixed
• At St Patricks Hospital there are no doctors
• The roads to Green Ville hospital are impassable
• They need proper writing pads for their children
• They ask for the driving schoo,l which was removed from their area, to be returned.
• The municipality is undermining the chief and headmen in their area
• They want old age pension fund for elders to be raised to R5000 and R3000 for child grant per month.
• At Ludeke Dam the community claims that there were not compensated properly when that dam was built.

b. Dindini A/A The following requests and concerns were raised:
• The people who are suspected of having killed a local chief have been detained without trial. The case has been postponed on several occasion. The community is requesting for the finalisation of the case.
• Roads
• Toilets
• RDP houses
• Niko Village, foreigners are being accused of taking local jobs
• Mrs Gladys Mampofana complained that her house was destroyed by tornado and she has not been responded to get assistance from the state to build a new home.
• Demarcation are creating confusion
• Sport grounds
• Old water pipes
• Employment, graduated children are not getting jobs
• Business tender system is full if bribery and corruption
• Stock theft, they request special crime unit to assist them
• Access roads
• The companies that employed people are not paying UIF and provident funds to their ex-employees, especially the ex-mine workers.
• They request micro chips animals, to for tracking purposes.
• They produce a lot of mealies in their area, they are asking for assistance for marketing to sell their mealies.
• The area of Mbizana is full of agricultural potential and they want assistance from the state.
• They request school buses as their kids are travelling long distances.
• They need clinics.
• They request that retirement must be lowered to 55 so that they can have access to the state grant.
• They are complaining that they do not see their future in terms of getting employment for disabled people
• They say this RDP houses were intended for the poor people, but they notice that the mayor and some selected communities got two houses.
• They request that Decree 11 of the then Transkei Military Government be effected. This decree was used to encourage other people to voluntary retire from government service in 1993, however some of the people who took early retirement were never paid their monies. The list included teachers, nurses, soldiers etc. There are asking government to pay the money due to them.

c. Sea view –KwaMadiba A/A The following requests and concerns were raised:
• Drugs are killing their children
• No services
• R111m at wards 23 was approved for RDP housing project but nothing has been done.
• Access road are in bad conditions
• The toilets need maintenance as some of them are full already
• They request street light in order to combat crime
• They complain about police brutality especially when people are protesting such as recent women march.
• Mzamba police man are not listening to their needs
• They need medication and proper services at Madiba clinic.
• They need ambulance in the area from Mobeni to Sea View there’s no clinic in between.

Yours sincerely
Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP
UDM President