The United Democratic Movement (UDM) is very disturbed by the decision of City of Cape Town for suspension of basic services in Samora Machel. The closing of the Clinic is purely a violation of human rights; people have a right to access health as stipulated on the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa. Also, the suspension of sanitation monitoring has left residents inconvenienced, let alone being exposed to a stinky area due to sewerage that runs on the streets.

It is understandable that crime rate has rapidly increased in that particular township, however before taking such decision all affected community stakeholders including SAPS should have been gathered to discuss in depth an effective way forward.

UDM condemn all kinds of criminal activities, is it an unbearable behaviour that needs to be demolished in our society. With an understanding that it is specific individuals that continuously commit crime in Samora Machel, the UDM therefore view the decision to suspend basic services as inconsiderate and premature.

We call upon the DA led City of Cape Town to review their decision and reopen the clinic and other basic services, it is unconstitutional to deny voters access to their deserving services. Cognizant of the announcement that more police will be deployed to Western Cape especially Cape Town areas the Municipality should use this advantage to deploy part into Samora, it is surprising that the City would take a decision to close down services whereas they pride themselves of a wide range of law enforcement agencies.

SAPS, Hawks, Specialised Crime units must strengthen their fight against crime in these areas or perhaps establish prevention measures to combat the culture of crime. Furthermore, we call on all residents of Samora Machel to take responsibility and work with the police, report criminal activities taking place in their community. It is collective efforts between all stakeholders, communities and law enforcement agencies that will help fight crime in South Africa.

Issued by:
Mr Bongani Maqungwana
UDM Deputy Secretary General