|Xolobeni: Minister Mantashe’s arrogance

Xolobeni: Minister Mantashe’s arrogance

Mr Bongani Msomi

Mr Bongani Msomi
UDM Secretary General

The United Democratic Movement (UDM) is dismayed at the decision of Mineral Resources Minister Gwede Mantashe to give an Australian company the go-ahead to mine at the Xolobeni village in the Eastern Cape. This, even after an outcry from the community.

Millions of rands will be shipped out of the country by the foreign company leaving our people poor and without something tangible for themselves.

It is heart-breaking that the very leaders, whom the ordinary people have voted into office, leave them in the lurch once they ascend to power. They are taking advantage of the innocent and have forgotten about the needs of the people and all the promises they made to them.

For Mantashe to boldly say that his department together with the Australian company Transworld Energy and Mineral Resources will not wait for the court’s decision on the matter shows extreme arrogance.

The UDM views this as nothing other than exploitation by self-serving individuals who continue to milk the innocent.

Issued by:
Bongani Msomi
UDM Secretary General

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