Vision and Mission: UDEMWO

|Vision and Mission: UDEMWO
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To create the impetus in society for women to move forward, well equipped to meet the challenges and demands for political, economic, scientific and technological development.


We will make effective the training and development of women in order for them to advance in all areas including the political, social, economical and cultural fields. We will empower women in decision-making skills thus encouraging them to hold positions at all levels of leadership.



  1. Louise Brougham-Cook May 26, 2016 at 9:48 pm - Reply

    Good day,

    I applied online for membership of the UDM and am awaiting a response from the UDM.
    If accepted, I would like to volunteer my services twice a month on a weekend to offer workshops to people in need of such education, in financial literacy.
    Your slogan FIGHT AGAINST POVERTY is one of the most pressing needs in SA today. Through such workshops under the UDM banner, I hope to help people become far more aware of the National Credit Act and the limitations it places on loan sharks, banks, furniture dealers, etc, when transacting with the public, especially financially vulnerable people who easily fall victim to the illegal debt trap businesses set for them.
    I am a freelance finance journalist of many years – the terrible fate of the Marikana miners shocked me when it became clear from media reports that unscrupulous loan sharks were illegally garnishing huge chunks of their monthly salaries, and trapping the miners and their families in a debt spiral from which they would never escape.

    Therefore, I would like to make a difference by volunteering to hold workshops in my area near Masiphumulela and Ocean View, Cape Town, to educate people about their consumer rights in terms of the National Credit Act. I would like to do this under the UDM banner because I hold the party and Mr Holomisa in very high regard for standing for the rule of law and clean governance – not only in words but in deeds as well.

    If my membership of the UDM is accepted, I would I can also join UDEMWO and collaborate with your organisation to get such workshops off the ground in the future.

    Kind regards,
    Louise Cook
    Fish Hoek
    Cape Town

    • Jana Warffemius July 4, 2016 at 3:50 pm - Reply

      Dear Louise

      Apologies for this VERY tardy response.

      You have written a beautiful email and your enthusiasm is contagious. Our online membership form is broken and I will have to put you in contact with the right people in Cape Town directly.

      I can also put you in contact with the UDEMWO souls… I am sure they would welcome your assistance.

      I will contact you directly on your email.
      UDM National Office

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