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Postponement of lower Data prices is a Justice Denied

  The UDM Youth Vanguard is in awe at the extension of the deadline that was initially two months for network operators to reduce data costs. If these network operators were interested in reducing data, they could have done so within the timeframe the Competition Commission had set. Calls for reduction of data prices were not a new thing when the Commission tabled their report in December,2019. This clarion call has been around for years. [...]

Access to Internet is a Human Right! 

  The United Democratic Movement Youth Vanguard welcomes the Competition Commission call for the South African mobile operator giants Vodacom and MTN to reduce their data charges by 30% to 50% within two months.   This has been a call that the UDMYV has made for quite some time, calling for data to fall and allow young people to access jobs, business opportunities, studying purposes, social safety awarenesses and other miscellaneous itinerary. It is unacceptable [...]

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