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ADDRESS BY Mr BH Holomisa MP in the National Assembly Hon Speaker and members The struggle for total freedom is a Nation’s struggle, fought from all corners of society. People; individually, collectively and through organised voluntary associations and other organs, fought for a free South Africa either by default or by design. The circumstances under which we celebrate the 21st Anniversary of our democracy, necessitate that we draw lessons from some of the fundamental ingredients [...]

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Labour Policy Proposals

1. Introduction The unemployment crisis in South Africa has many causes that underscore the need for a comprehensive strategy. The primary concern must be an attempt to stem the tide of rising unemployment, with its adverse consequences for social and economic exclusion. The UDM aims to create more jobs, secure – where viable – current jobs, and enhance the quality of all jobs over time. The UDM believes that the labour market faces the following [...]

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South Africa on the Slippery Slope

article by Bantu Holomisa published in the New Agenda During my career I have witnessed many governments come and go. As a former head of the Transkei Military Government, I have had an overview of what the Apartheid Government and the Bantustans had done, in comparison with what the current government is doing. The previous regime's policies and abuse of human rights is well documented; including some homelands. Although I was heading this discredited institution, [...]

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The challenges facing South Africa as we approach the New Millennium

presented by Mr Bantu Holomisa, UDM Co-leader, at the South African Institute of Race Relations, Johannesburg In the letter of invitation which I received from the Institute of Race Relations, it is stated that the United Democratic Movement (UDM) is attracting much media attention. The UDM on the other hand feels that scant attention is paid to its activities by the media, so it is a matter of debate as to whether we enjoy any [...]

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