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Debate on Budget Vote 26 – Energy by address by Mr Lennox Gaehler, MP

Honourable Chairperson and Honourable Members Electricity is a fundamental factor in a wide range of socio-economic matters; it is the lifeblood of an economically and socially active community. Reliable electricity has the potential to significantly improve the quality of life of the poor, in particular, those in rural areas. We need to make it a priority to promote and incorporate all viable options for electricity generation. We must aim to ensure that every household has [...]

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Minerals and Energy Policy Proposals

1. Introduction Recognising that the past distribution of mining and minerals resources was inequitable, the UDM acknowledges the constitutional obligation to ensure equitable distribution. The UDM furthermore recognises the pivotal role that minerals and energy can play to address poverty. Therefore the UDM will, in consultation with all stakeholders, negotiate for a more equitable distribution of minerals and energy resources. This process will not be abused in the ANC fashion of transformation, which merely seeks [...]

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