UDMYV reaction matric 2013

by Teddy Thwala, UDM Youth Vanguard President The United Democratic Movement Youth Vanguard (UDMYV) congratulates all learners who have successfully completed their matric examinations as a result of hard work and dedication throughout the 2013 academic year. For those who have not succeeded, the UDMYV also wants to encourage you to try again and not give up. It does not end here! It is however disconcerting that in South Africa to pass some subjects with [...]

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Matric Results 1997

With the matric results of 1997 now available, including indications that the Gauteng results are also 5% down from last year, a gloomy picture of our school system emerges. The simple truth is that without an adequate educational system, all our other national efforts to curb joblessness, poverty and crime, and become a nation of hope and a world player in the new millennium, will come to nothing. Adequate education now, more than ever, needs [...]

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