Freedom Day 2017, Bantu Holomisa’s contribution at a Multi-Stakeholder Rally

Colleagues in civil society and political parties My fellow South Africans 1. Thank you to the organisers We thank today’s organisers for hosting all of us at this historic celebration of Freedom Day. It can be argued that civil society was at the centre of the campaign that brought Apartheid to its knees. We have not forgotten the work of, amongst others, Bishop Tutu and the various faith based organisations, the labour movements and the [...]

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Nelson Mandela Day – address by Mr Nqabayomzi Kwankwa, MP in the National Assembly

Madam Speaker, Deputy President and Honourable Members President Nelson Mandela’s election and inauguration in 1994 marked the end of many years oppression and caused South Africans of all races to fill the streets, all celebrating our victory in the fight for the self-evident right to determine our own destiny. Some shouted from their rooftops lines from SEK Mqhayi’s poem, Ukutshona kukaMendi, the SS Mendi steamship, which sank in 1917 killing all the troops on board. [...]

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Budget Vote 30 – Environmental Affairs (MTEF 2014)

Address by the President of the UDM, Mr BH Holomisa MP, in the National Assembly Honourable Chairperson Minister and Deputy Minister Honourable Members The United Democratic Movement (UDM) supports budget vote 30 - Environmental Affairs.In my limited time I will dedicate this speech to Madiba, the environmentalist. When the President of the republic made a call to all South Africans, to remember and celebrate this years’ birthday of this environmental activist by participating in cleaning [...]

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