Bantu Holomisa addresses 4th Annual ReNAPRI Stakeholders Conference

Mr Bantu Holomisa, MPUDM President • Discussion Moderator • Executive Mayor • Members of the South African Executive • Fellow panellists and Members of Parliament • Distinguished guests and participants Agricultural transformation in Africa must be achieved through meaningful, practical and sufficiently funded policies. This will mean self-sustaining food production, as well as successful competition globally. The transformation of this sector is urgent, having experienced (to mention the few) the following: • [...]

Land redistribution in South Africa

Statement in Parliament by Mr LB Gaehler, UDM Member of Parliament Honourable Chair and Honourable Members Land redistribution aims to correct the injustices of the past. The Natives Land Act of 1913, a piece of legislation which ratified and legalized the exclusion of South Africa’s black majority from land ownership in favour of the white minority. This has left behind a legacy of both dispossession and oppression. Citizens however have voiced out their grievances, post 1994, [...]

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