Looming labour problems in entire mining industry

The protracted labour unrest at Marikana is probably a taste of what is soon to hit the entire mining industry. Mining houses in other sectors must prepare for the likelihood that their employees will soon follow suit and go on strikes - or even wild cat strikes - especially if Lonmin and Amcu find resolution on the remuneration of Lonmin’s workforce in the platinum sector. The United Democratic Movement (UDM) is of the view that [...]

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Workers’ Day 2014

Workers’ Day is a celebration of labour and the working classes. In this regard, the United Democratic Movement (UDM) recognises the right of employers and employees to organise themselves to campaign and lobby the aspirations of their members. Given our history it is clear that labour organisations have a role to play in society and are a strong voice of social conscience. After all, this country must never return to a situation where our people [...]

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Economic Policy Position

1.       Why the new South Africa needs a new economic plan The South African economy fails to deliver what is expected of it. It is acknowledged that certain fundamentals are in place, but it is equally true that the urgently required jobs and economic growth are not materialising. Since 1994 hundreds of thousands of jobs have been destroyed and formal employment shrinks at an alarming rate. These are the signs of an economy held afloat [...]

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Jobs summit: acclaim for breakthrough

statement by Bantu Holomisa and Roelf Meyer The UDM is extremely grateful for the agreement reached at Nedlac on the presidential jobs summit planned for the second quarter of 1998. We have taken note of the two phased approach towards the summit and the follow-up phase envisaged. Although proper planning is essential, it is a pity that this most desperate need of so many of our fellow South Africans took so long to receive the [...]

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