Comrades in Corruption The real State of the Nation “A looter continua” [accordian] This document, “Comrades in Corruption III” expands on the United Democratic Movement (UDM) previously published discussion documents: “Comrades in Corruption I” (issued in 1997) and “Comrades in Corruption II” (issued in 2001), in which we shed light on the extent of corruption in government in post-apartheid South Africa. Corruption in the African National Congress (ANC) government is rife and widespread [...]

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Tribute to Helen Suzman

statement by Mr Bantu Holomisa On behalf of the UDM, I express my sincere condolences to the family and friends of Helen Suzman, who passed away after a long and eventful life in service to her country. She was a pioneer of opposition politics; for many years she fought a lonely battle in the old Parliament. She spoke truth to power, despite the odds and the ridicule of those who thought their power was unshakable. [...]

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Arms Deal Joint Investigation Report - UDM’S reaction Who is fooling whom? “The troughs have changed however the pigs have remained the same” [accordian]Many public statements on the Arms Deal saga assert that Parliament approved the Defence Review and thereby approved the decision to purchase military equipment. ANC ministers and –politicians have made this assertion frequently during the Arms Deal investigation. However, it is fundamentally and demonstrably inaccurate. The inaccuracy has no bearing whatsoever on [...]

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Holomisa reacts to ANC leadership booklet titled "The rise and fall of Bantu Holomisa" ANC:"When journalists ask Holomisa whether his "new party" will be to the left or right of the ANC they are met with a blank stare." Holomisa: "This is not surprising, if one is engaged in a process of consultation. However, how can one know the left or right of a party with virtually no economic policy, no foreign policy, with a leadership [...]

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