Aids Day 2018: a message to South Africans

Mr Bongani MsomiUDM Secretary General As South Africa and the world mark another Aids Day tomorrow, it is comforting to know that many lives have been saved through access to antiretroviral treatment. It is however heart-wrenching that the number of people infected has escalated from 4,25 million in 2002 to 7,52 million in 2018. In as much as we have seen the decline in AIDS-related deaths between 2007 and 2018 of more [...]

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Aids Day 2017

Ms Thandi NontenjaUDEMWO Secretary General The impact of HIV/Aids (and other sexually transmitted diseases) on South African communities remains a concern. It is true that some progress has been made to make medical care available, to Aids sufferers and HIV positive South Africans, and that antiretroviral treatment is more readily obtainable. We have also seen a slight positive shift in the tolerance of Aids sufferers and HIV positive individuals, but they still [...]

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Labour Policy Proposals

1. Introduction The unemployment crisis in South Africa has many causes that underscore the need for a comprehensive strategy. The primary concern must be an attempt to stem the tide of rising unemployment, with its adverse consequences for social and economic exclusion. The UDM aims to create more jobs, secure – where viable – current jobs, and enhance the quality of all jobs over time. The UDM believes that the labour market faces the following [...]

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Health Policy Proposals

1. Introduction The UDM commits itself to protecting and promoting the constitutional right of all South Africans to basic health care, and providing proper and immediate responses to the major health risks facing the country. 2. Major health priorities The UDM proposes that Primary Health Care and HIV/AIDS should be elevated as the two major priorities, recognising that in these two areas the current government is failing to protect the constitutional rights of all South [...]

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