Debate on Budget Vote 19: Defence and Military Veterans – Bantu Holomisa in National Assembly

Honourable Chairperson and Members The United Democratic Movement supports Budget 19. As we celebrate Africa Day, we are reminded of the important role played by our soldiers in keeping peace on our continent. I am certain, that their contribution will one day make Africa a continent for all its people and the world-over. In the context of my responsibility in the Defence Force Service Commission, I invite the Minister and the Joint Standing Committee on [...]

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Crime Prevention Policy Proposals

1. Introduction In the short term the UDM will prioritise, firstly violent crime (murder, rape, assault, domestic violence), and secondly theft (especially armed robbery, hijacking/car theft and housebreaking). These priorities flow from the basic constitutional right to safety of person and property, to ensure that the freedom, dignity and respect of all South Africans are not violated by criminals. In the long term the UDM will implement Social Crime Prevention to address the root causes [...]

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Defence regarding SA presence in the CAR

Open letter to Chairperson of Standing Committee on Defence regarding SA presence in the CAR from Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP (UDM President) (3 April 2013) The aforementioned matter has reference. The history of what occurred since that fateful weekend in Bangui, in the Central African Republic (CAR), where 13 South African servicemen lost their lives and another 27 were injured, is well documented. We however keep hearing conflicting reports of South Africa exiting this area [...]

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