UDM input at the National Convention South African democracy at a crossroad: turning a new page

INTRODUCTION The debate about political realignment has long been in the minds of many people in this country. It has been discussed publicly and privately by writers, political parties, and other individuals. Also over the years we have seen developments such as the emergence of the DA, the dissolution of the NNP and its absorption into the ANC, as well as the formation of new political parties. All of these are signs of the impetus [...]

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National and Provincial Elections 2004

  PDF version of the UDM's 2004 Election Manifesto (447KB) Better Future Plan UDM Manifesto 2004 MESSAGE FROM BANTU HOLOMISA – FREEDOM FOR ALL Dear Fellow South African This year we celebrate ten years of freedom. We understand freedom as the ability of individuals and groups to make choices and pursue their aspirations freely. This includes choices such as where to live, what work to choose and where to engage in it, where and what [...]

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Arms Deal Joint Investigation Report - UDM’S reaction Who is fooling whom? “The troughs have changed however the pigs have remained the same” [accordian]Many public statements on the Arms Deal saga assert that Parliament approved the Defence Review and thereby approved the decision to purchase military equipment. ANC ministers and –politicians have made this assertion frequently during the Arms Deal investigation. However, it is fundamentally and demonstrably inaccurate. The inaccuracy has no bearing whatsoever on [...]

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Holomisa reacts to ANC leadership booklet titled "The rise and fall of Bantu Holomisa" ANC:"When journalists ask Holomisa whether his "new party" will be to the left or right of the ANC they are met with a blank stare." Holomisa: "This is not surprising, if one is engaged in a process of consultation. However, how can one know the left or right of a party with virtually no economic policy, no foreign policy, with a leadership [...]

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