|Freedom Day 2018

Freedom Day 2018

Mr Bongani Msomi
UDM Secretary General

Statement by Mr Bongani Msomi, UDM Secretary General

Truth be told, we started well in 1994. South Africa built a democratic dispensation based on the noble ideals of protecting human rights and promoting freedom. The struggle movements and leaders can take a bow for breaking down minority rule.

But, it is hard to celebrate political freedom, when the majority of our people remains locked out of economic freedom.

We of course, at that time, placed political freedom at the pinnacle of our agenda. However, as we ticked the boxes on our constitutionally prescribed checklist, the nation must realise that many of those boxes remains unticked. Because, after 24 years, the nation under ANC-rule has spun its wheels in the mud of corruption, maladministration and lately the rule of a delinquent president.

This malodour unfortunately still clings to the status quo. Although we do not want to judge too early, the signals we have seen thus far from the Union Buildings does not auger well for South Africa; with the new president’s appointment of several fishy ministers. Political deals were struck behind closed doors that were in the interest of the ruling party and have not put the people first.

So, what has really changed? Not much; the Comrades in Corruption are still at the helm. The very same leaders who presided over South Africa’s slide down the slippery slope of corruption and job shedding had protected their former president at all cost, have decided to “re-deploy” this questionable individual to campaign for the ruling party in the forthcoming elections.

The fact is, the ruling party can no longer be trusted, and the public cannot afford to be fooled by the so-called new dawn. This is a leopard that cannot (and will not) change its spots. Come 2019, South Africans must see through the thin veil draped over the ruling party and punish them at the ballot box for their misdeeds.
When we celebrate Freedom Day in the future, it will hopefully be a proud moment where all South Africans are starting to enjoy dignity, prosperity and economic freedom, which will truly transform South Africa into a winning nation.

Mr Bongani Msomi
UDM Secretary General

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