Media statements: UDESMO

//Media statements: UDESMO

MONC secret ballot: UDM reaction to speaker’s decision

Statement by Bantu Holomisa, MP and UDM President The United Democratic Movement (UDM) welcomes the Speaker’s decision to grant the request for a secret ballot when the National Assembly tomorrow votes on the motion of no-confidence in Mr Zuma. When the UDM made this request in April, we knew very well that she not only has the right, but also the responsibility to act; and act responsibly. We hope that all 400 members of the [...]

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UDESMO mourns for Wits students

Statement issued by Akhona Bavu, UDESMO Chairperson   The United Democratic Student Movement (UDESMO) would like to convey a message of condolences to the families and friends of the University students that were involved in a horrible car crash that has claimed their lives in Limpopo yesterday. This is such a sad time for the higher institution fraternity, not only for Wits University but to all South Africans. The whole country is in mourning during [...]

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Zuma must go

Zuma has no respect for the people of this country. He has embarrassed his own colleagues in the ruling party, in the process compromised the morale fibre of this country. His pronouncement is nothing less of electioneering. The people of South Africa must continue to hold the President and government to account. His attempt to want to avoid further embarrassment and ridicule by the Constitutional Court, should be rejected at all costs. The Constitutional Court [...]

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