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Crime Prevention Policy Proposals

1. Introduction In the short term the UDM will prioritise, firstly violent crime (murder, rape, assault, domestic violence), and secondly theft (especially armed robbery, hijacking/car theft and housebreaking). These priorities flow from the basic constitutional right to safety of person and property, to ensure that the freedom, dignity and respect of all South Africans are not violated by criminals. In the long term the UDM will implement Social Crime Prevention to address the root causes [...]

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Public Works Policy Proposals

1. Introduction The aim of the UDM strategy for public works is to create jobs on a large scale with Planned Sustainable Development programmes. The result will be productive and safe environments that will improve the quality of life of the people and communities of South Africa through rapid and extensive economic and social infrastructure development focussed on uplifting marginalised communities. Current government policy can be accused of exacerbating poverty. A disturbing amount of people [...]

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UDM Integration Approach (policy)

Foreword On September 27, 1997, the United Democratic Movement was officially launched.  Since that time, we have travelled across South Africa – giving speeches, holding rallies, and most importantly, meeting with thousands of South Africans, from the rural villages of Mpumalanga to the boardrooms of Gauteng.  We have spent countless hours listening to their daily concerns and discussing their aspirations for the future – for themselves, for their families, and for South Africa.  During those [...]

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Economic Policy Position

1.       Why the new South Africa needs a new economic plan The South African economy fails to deliver what is expected of it. It is acknowledged that certain fundamentals are in place, but it is equally true that the urgently required jobs and economic growth are not materialising. Since 1994 hundreds of thousands of jobs have been destroyed and formal employment shrinks at an alarming rate. These are the signs of an economy held afloat [...]

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