Freedom Day 2017, Bantu Holomisa’s contribution at a Multi-Stakeholder Rally

Colleagues in civil society and political parties My fellow South Africans 1. Thank you to the organisers We thank today’s organisers for hosting all of us at this historic celebration of Freedom Day. It can be argued that civil society was at the centre of the campaign that brought Apartheid to its knees. We have not forgotten the work of, amongst others, Bishop Tutu and the various faith based organisations, the labour movements and the [...]

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“Leading in the South African context” Bantu Holomisa’s presentation at the Spar Gala Dinner in Durban

1. What is leadership? If we accept that leadership is a process of social influence which maximises efforts of others towards achievement of a goal, what does it mean in the South African context?   2. What is the South African “goal” Surely it is to give expression to South Africa’s Constitution; specifically, the Bill of Rights. The Country’s basic vision, as detailed in the Constitution, includes our various personal freedoms, property and labour rights, [...]

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Towards a National Convention, the UDM writes to leaders of political parties and civil society #OneVision

Dear Leaders A NATIONAL CONVENTION: THE UDM’s VIEWS ON SOLUTIONS TO THE CRISIS IN SOUTH AFRICA AND LOOKING BEYOND MARCHING FOR THE REMOVAL OF PRESIDENT ZUMA 1. Introduction When South Africans marched under the leadership of the opposition parties at the National Day of Action (12 April 2017), I advised that we cannot march forever, but that we must find a way to converge under one roof to discuss South Africa’s future. The United Democratic [...]

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#ZumaMustFall: National Day of Action, UDM President Mr BH Holomisa, MP addresses the masses

• My colleagues in other political parties, • Leaders of civil society organisations, • Fellow South Africans from all walks of life! 1. Welcome: • On behalf of the organisers, I welcome each one of you who have made the effort to be here today. • Your presence, as well the wishes of many other freedom-loving South Africans who could not be present, is a testimony that this cause is just. • We should be [...]

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