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UDM KwaZulu-Natal Interim Provincial Executive Committee appointed

United Democratic Movement (UDM) representatives from all seven regions in KwaZulu-Natal met on Saturday, 15 September 2018 to, amongst others, discuss the future of the UDM in the province and to appoint an Interim Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) that will drive the party’s programmes leading up to the 2019 National and Provincial. The below persons shall take the lead until a provincial congress can be held after which officially elected provincial office bearers can take over [...]

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Harassment of PIC whistle blowers

Mr Bantu Holomisa, MPUDM President In reference to an article published on Fin24 (https://www.fin24.com/Economy/pic-moves-to-discipline-another-executive-20180914?isapp=true) the United Democratic Movement (UDM) condemns what can only be called permitted harassment of whistle blowers at the Public Investment Corporation (PIC). One is suspicious at government i.e. Minister Nene and President Ramaphosa’s handling of the matter of instituting the commission of inquiry into the PIC. To make matters worse the terms of reference has not yet been published, [...]

Nelson Mandela Bay: DA’s Trollip allegedly interfered with an internal audit to protect Mettler and Olver. UDM hands over a dossier with information to Auditor General

Dear Mr Makwetu Alleged corruption to the tune of R21.8 million irregular and wasteful expenditure involving Mohlaleng Media and a seeming cover-up in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro 1. The above matter has reference and has been widely reported on in the media. 2. The United Democratic Movement (UDM) wishes to make you aware of claims of serious corruption in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality (NMB Metro) and the seeming cover-up by the [...]

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UDEMWO: The SA police is not serious about stopping the kidnapping and murder of women and children

Ms Thandi NontenjaUDEMWO Secretary General The United Democratic Movement Women’s Organisation (UDEMWO) is concerned that the South African Police Services do not appear to take kidnapping reports seriously. One only has to open a newspaper to read about the kidnapping and murder of women and children. Our communities are plagued by this scourge and those that are tasked to ensure our safety and security are failing dismally. Not long ago, live footage showed [...]

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UDMYV: President Ramaphosa must take the nation into confidence: how will the technical recession be dealt with?

The United Democratic Movement Youth Vanguard (UDM Youth Vanguard) is concerned that, since the announcement broke through the media that South Africa is in a technical recession, the country has not heard from President Cyril Ramaphosa. The UDM Youth Vanguard would like to know from the President, what does this technical recession mean for the youth and the poorest of the poor. The fuel price keeps on increasing, food prices are ever on the rise [...]

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It is disturbing to learn that government buildings in the City of Johannesburg are not safe

Mr Bongani MsomiUDM Secretary General The United Democratic Movement (UDM) is appalled and disturbed by the news that a number of government buildings in the City of Johannesburg in particular are not safe.   This is witnessed by the fire that has destroyed one of these buildings two days ago which is also houses The Bank of Lisbon in the CBD. What was also shocking is to hear the Premier of Gauteng admitting [...]

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Parliamentary debate on UDM motion: working towards an integrated and comprehensive infrastructure development strategy to fight poverty, inequality, unemployment and underdevelopment

Mr Bantu Holomisa, MPUDM President 1. Introduction South Africa (SA), like many other so-called developing nations, faces challenges of chronic underdevelopment and/or development skewed towards urban areas, albeit in an unequal manner. Even urban development is fraught with inequality, as some provinces are in a position to deliver better infrastructure, while others trail behind owing to fiscal constraints determined by the income levels of their households. Yes, some progress has been made [...]

Status of the UDM as part of the co-governance agreement; setting the record straight

Mr Bantu Holomisa, MPUDM President Rev Kenneth Meshoe, MP President, African Christian Democratic Party Mr Mosiuoa Lekota, MP President, Congress of the People Mr Mmusi Maimane, MP Leader, Democratic Alliance Dr Pieter Groenewald, MP Leader, Freedom Front Plus Dear Colleagues STATUS OF THE UDM AS PART OF THE CO-GOVERNANCE AGREEMENT; SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT Straight off the bat I wish to inform you that I take exception to the four signatories’ giving me [...]

UDEMWO calls for police visibility in rural areas to fight crime against women, children

Ms Thandi NontenjaUDEMWO Secretary General The United Democratic Movement Women’s Organisation (UDEMWO) is distraught by the rape and murder of a female student in Engcobo in the Eastern Cape. This time the victim was young Zikho Cabeni, who was also an active member of the United Democratic Students’ Movement. This horrifying incident comes just after the country “celebrated women” in the month of August. We have learnt that nothing much has been done [...]

The Public Investment Corporation: concerns regarding time being taken to institute commission of inquiry and the PIC board appointing forensic auditors

Mr Bantu Holomisa, MPUDM President Dear Mr President This matter has reference. The United Democratic Movement is very concerned that there is no movement in terms of the appointment of the Public Investment Corporation (PIC) commission of inquiry. Sir, in this matter, we want to remind you that Minister Nene had initially, in his court papers, said that he saw nothing untoward at the PIC. This raised some eyebrows at the time. His [...]

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Sars decision to pay Symington’s legal costs must be reversed and investigated

Mr Bantu Holomisa, MPUDM President Dear Minister Nene and Judge Nugent MR VLOK SYMINGTON: SARS DECISION TO PAY SYMINGTON’S LEGAL COSTS MUST BE REVERSED AND INVESTIGATED I refer to a City Press article that reported on Sunday, 26 August 2018, (see https://city-press.news24.com/News/sars-settlement-with-symington-questioned-20180825) that the SA Revenue Service (Sars) has, in a “confidential settlement”, undertaken to abandon “its right to the costs awarded in its favour” by Judge Hans Fabricius, following Vlok Symington’s unsuccessful [...]

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UDM calls for calm during SRC elections

Mr Bongani MsomiUDM Secretary General United Democratic Movement (UDM) calls for calm during this time of student representative council elections at many of our institutions of higher learning. What the country witnessed at the Soshanguve Campus of the Tshwane University of Technology is not acceptable. We are disturbed by the allegations that police are accused of killing a student during protests. We believe that the life that was lost during the clash [...]

PIC commission to start it’s work in “due course”

The United Democratic Movement (UDM) has noted that President Ramaphosa has announced the appointment of a commission of inquiry to probe the Public Investment Corporation (PIC) and the dark cloud of corruption allegations hanging over the institution. Mr Bantu Holomisa, MPUDM Presiden It is however frustrating that the names of the chair of the commission and the supporting team, as well as the detailed terms of reference will be announced “in due [...]

Message by Mr BH Holomisa, MP and UDM President on the 16th of August 2018 at the Commemoration of the Marikana Massacre

Marikana Commemoration 2018 • Programme Director • The families of the victims of the Marikana Massacre • Ladies and Gentlemen 1. Opening Thank you for allowing me to share in this occasion, the commemoration of the Marikana Massacre. We must always remember what happened on this awful day six years ago, so that it may never be repeated. 2. No consequences for criminals We live in a country where there are no [...]

Condolences with the passing of Veronica Sobukwe

Mr Bantu Holomisa, MPUDM President As we celebrate women’s month, we are saddened that another of the nation’s mothers Zondeni Veronica Sobukwe has left us. As many had happened with many of the wives of imprisoned struggle icons, Mrs Sobukwe held the fort at home. She was a true example of a strong, capable woman who was never daunted by what the Apartheid government threw at her and her family. Our condolences [...]

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UDEMWO: Another female student bears the brunt of abuse: Fort Hare

Ms Thandi Nontenja The assault of a female student from the University of Fort Hare, in a video that is making the rounds on social media, is quite chilling. The United Democratic Movement Women’s Organisation (UDEMWO) condemns the actions of the young man in the strongest possible terms. Witnessing such an assault in the period where the country is celebrating women is even more heart-wrenching. This is a clear sign that South [...]