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ANC must stop looting state resources

Statement issued by UDM Secretary General, Mr Bongani Msomi Eastern Cape is one of the worst struggling provinces with severe challenges such as poor infrastructure. It is with great sadness that we observe those who are in power abusing resources meant for uplifting the poor. The United Democratic Movement (UDM) is however happy to note that action has been taken against those who allegedly stole from the state purse. The recent court appearance of the [...]

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“Leading in the South African context” Bantu Holomisa’s presentation at the Spar Gala Dinner in Durban

1. What is leadership? If we accept that leadership is a process of social influence which maximises efforts of others towards achievement of a goal, what does it mean in the South African context?   2. What is the South African “goal” Surely it is to give expression to South Africa’s Constitution; specifically, the Bill of Rights. The Country’s basic vision, as detailed in the Constitution, includes our various personal freedoms, property and labour rights, [...]

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UDM condolences with children who died in Bronkhorstspruit accident

Statement by Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP and UDM President We have learnt with some shock and sadness of the twenty learners who were killed in a taxi accident just outside Bronkhorstspruit this afternoon. Incidents like this send chills down the spine. The images in the media, of the severely wrecked vehicles, might suggest that speed was involved. But, it must urgently be established what caused the accident and who is culpable. South Africa can’t afford [...]

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UDM condemns police killings

Statement issued by UDM Secretary General, Mr Bongani Msomi The United Democratic Movement (UDM) sends condolences to the family and friends of the brutally killed police officers while on duty. As UDM, we note with shock and concern the increasing numbers of officials killed throughout the country. The recent killings bring much alarm and it warrants that something should be done urgently. We cannot carry on as if nothing happened. The attack on police is an [...]

Constitutional Court case: secret ballot for Parliamentary vote on no-confidence motion, President Zuma

Letter from Mr N Kwankwa, UDM Chief Whip to the Speaker of the National Assembly's office re "Motion of No Confidence in the President of the Republic in terms of Section 102 of the Constitution of South Africa and Section 129 of the Rules of the National Assembly" (3 April 2017) - 182KB Letter from Mabuza Attorneys to the Speaker of the National Assembly re "Urgent: Motion of No-Confidence Schedules for 18 April 2017" (6 [...]

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Political intolerance : Councillors involved in Johannesburg violence

STATEMENT ISSUED BY UDM JOHANNESBURG COUNCILLOR, MS THANDI NONTENJA The political scene in the Greater Johannesburg City Council leaves much to be desired. The fact that an Integrated Development Plan summit in Midrand was violently disrupted and resulted in the injury of several persons is deplorable. The United Democratic Movement (UDM) takes a dim view of this kind of political intolerance which harks back to a violent past and we condemn it in no uncertain [...]

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Towards a National Convention, the UDM writes to leaders of political parties and civil society #OneVision

Dear Leaders A NATIONAL CONVENTION: THE UDM’s VIEWS ON SOLUTIONS TO THE CRISIS IN SOUTH AFRICA AND LOOKING BEYOND MARCHING FOR THE REMOVAL OF PRESIDENT ZUMA 1. Introduction When South Africans marched under the leadership of the opposition parties at the National Day of Action (12 April 2017), I advised that we cannot march forever, but that we must find a way to converge under one roof to discuss South Africa’s future. The United Democratic [...]

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#ZumaMustFall: National Day of Action, UDM President Mr BH Holomisa, MP addresses the masses

• My colleagues in other political parties, • Leaders of civil society organisations, • Fellow South Africans from all walks of life! 1. Welcome: • On behalf of the organisers, I welcome each one of you who have made the effort to be here today. • Your presence, as well the wishes of many other freedom-loving South Africans who could not be present, is a testimony that this cause is just. • We should be [...]

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#ZumaMustFall: The Opposition is united in Putting South Africa, and Its Citizens, First

Joint media statement As leaders, we shall never abandon our responsibility to put South Africa first. Accordingly, the leadership of the African Christian Democratic Party, African Independent Congress, African People’s Convention, Congress of the People, Agang SA, Democratic Alliance, Economic Freedom Fighters, Inkatha Freedom Party and the United Democratic Movement have agreed to give expression to this commitment. We want to make every effort to rescue South Africa from this one-man-made quagmire. President Jacob Zuma, [...]

UDM calls for investigation into death of poisoned minors

Statement issued by Bongani Msomi - UDM Secretary General The United Democratic Movement (UDM) would like to convey a message of condolence to the families of two minors that were killed after an alleged consumption of food poison in the Western Cape meanwhile others are still in a critical condition in hospital. This is tragic and we are calling for a speedy investigation into finding the origins of the food they had ingested and someone [...]

Understanding the UDM, Bantu Holomisa’s contribution at ASRI Future Leaders Fellowship Program

• Programme Director, • Future Leaders, • Ladies and Gentlemen. 1. Introduction Before I launch into the United Democratic Movement’s (UDM) vision and policy on certain issues, I want to sketch a bit of background of how we started, since that informs much of our policy and work. Almost twenty years ago, after I was unceremoniously expelled from the African National Congress (ANC), I started a consultation process with South Africans on the need for [...]

UDM writes to Chairperson of the Joint Standing Committee on Intelligence to request urgent meeting to quiz origins of the so-called Intelligence Report

Dear Mr Nqakula REQUEST FOR URGENT MEETING: JOINT STANDING COMMITTEE ON INTELLIGENCE The above matter refers. In my capacity as a member of the Parliamentary Joint Standing Committee on Intelligence, I request that you convene an urgent meeting of the Committee to consider the widely reported and circulated ‘Intelligence Report’ [the Report] that purportedly has been the central reason for the change of leadership in the National Treasury. In order for the Committee to be [...]

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Negative impact of Zuma’s cabinet shuffle: South Africa hits junk status

President Zuma’s cabinet reshuffle has caused “radical economic transformation” of a different kind with Standard & Poor’s (S&P) Global announcement that South Africa's sovereign credit rating has been downgraded to BB+. We might as well use the term “junk status” to describe our government. Mr Zuma bandies this phrase about, making a sweeping statement, without any clear policy detailing what his radical economic transformation entails. This not only confuses South Africans, but any international would-be [...]

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#ZumaMustFall: Opposition united behind putting SA first

Opposition Programme of Action This Programme of Action stems from already existing partnerships and other ad hoc co-operation arrangements which exist in the country’s metros and other municipalities, where the Opposition governs for all residents, regardless of their political affiliation. The opposition-led metros serve as important platforms to show what the Opposition can do for the people of South Africa, which present a tangible example of the work that we can do, when we united [...]

UDM Chief Whip asks the NA Speaker for urgent debate on President Zuma motion of no confidence

Dear Madam Speaker MOTION OF NO CONFIDENCE IN THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC IN TERMS OF SECTION 102 OF THE CONSTITUTION OF SOUTH AFRICA AND SECTION 129 OF THE RULES OF THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY With his unexplained, and seemingly unilateral, cabinet reshuffle the President of the Republic of South Africa, Mr JG Zuma, has effectively relegated the South African economy to junk status. Whether he considered the consequences his decision seems doubtful. South Africans will [...]

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April Fool’s joke? Zuma’s cabinet reshuffle

The United Democratic Movement has noted President Zuma’s cabinet reshuffle. The appointment of Malusi Gigaba as the new minister of finance is disconcerting, because of his clear association with the Gupta family. President Zuma is strengthening his hold on cabinet with the appointment of Sfiso Buthelezi as Gigaba’s deputy and it won’t be surprising if people start dismissing these two as indunas from the palace whose main objective would be to facilitate the further looting [...]

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