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Mufamadi on safety and security

Statement by Bantu Holomisa Minister of Safety and Security, Sydney Mufamadi’s statement that “…they had finally come to grips with combating crime” based on a small number of arrests of high profile cases, clearly illustrates the naivety with witch the ANC government approaches the issue of crime. By admission of Commissioner Maharaj (at the same conference), little improvement was made in the fight against priority crimes. The arrest of suspects in crimes that received national media coverage [...]

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Youth registration

Statement by the UDM National Deputy Secretary The United Democratic Movement supports the joint effort of the IEC and the National Youth Commission to embark on a programme to get the youth to register and participate in the upcoming elections. The UDM fully utilised the opportunity to participate in this process. The UDM is concerned with the National Youth Commissions apparent lack of understanding of the extent of the looming crisis. The UDM will seek [...]

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