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Youth Day Rally, Nelson Mandela Bay Metro, address by UDM President Bantu Holomisa, MP

• National and provincial leaders of the UDM, • National and provincial leaders of the UDM, • Regional and local UDM leaders, • UDM Public Representatives, • Members of the United Democratic Movement. 1. National Youth Day 2017 Whilst the 1976-youth made their significant contribution to our democracy, today’s youth feels left out; relegated to economic hardship with no jobs and no prospects. The United Democratic Movement (UDM) therefore appreciates the young South Africans who [...]

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UDM will spend Youth Day with fire ravaged communities #KnysnaFires

Mr Nqabayomzi Kwankwa, MP The United Democratic Movement (UDM) commiserates with the Garden Route communities who have lost so much in the fires that ravaged their lives. In particular, we express our condolences to the families and friends of those who so tragically lost their lives. We commend the work of our firefighters and other rescue services professionals who had to operate in the most unthinkable circumstances. Those who volunteered their time and [...]

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Protecting Women and Girl Children against violence and abuse (Rule 84) by Mr Lennox Gaehler, MP in the NCOP

Honourable Chairperson and Honourable Members The United Democratic Movement (UDM) joins millions of South Africans to declare, violence and abuse of women and girlchildren, a crime against humanity. Violence against women and girls is rooted in gender-based discrimination and social norms, as well as gender stereotypes that perpetuate such violence. The recent spate of gruesome murders of girls and infants, have a devastating effect on girls, women and society in general, and must be rejected [...]

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Debate on Budget Vote 26 – Energy by address by Mr Lennox Gaehler, MP

Honourable Chairperson and Honourable Members Electricity is a fundamental factor in a wide range of socio-economic matters; it is the lifeblood of an economically and socially active community. Reliable electricity has the potential to significantly improve the quality of life of the poor, in particular, those in rural areas. We need to make it a priority to promote and incorporate all viable options for electricity generation. We must aim to ensure that every household has [...]

Debate on Budget Vote 02 – Parliament by Mr Lennox Gaehler, MP

Honourable Chairperson and Members The Presiding Officers of this 5th Democratic Parliament, in the foreword of the Strategic Plan 2014-19, said, “Parliament exist to represent people and to ensure their involvement in government processes”. In this regard, and in the context of celebrating its twenty years of existence, we would recommend that this house, deliberately creates more mechanisms for citizens to have access to all the laws made by Parliament. We must move towards a [...]

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Investigation into matters relating to the dispute between the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of NMBMM

Introduction The ACDP, COPE and FF Plus (the “Panel”) was requested to provide an opinion on a dispute in the coalition in PE and to adjudicate whether the parties in dispute are in breach of the Coalition Agreement (“Agreement”). The three parties resolved among itself to adjudicate the matter on a balance of probability. The following needs to be noted: The adjudication is performed purely on the papers; No single comprehensive affidavits from both parties [...]

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Debate on Budget Vote 40 – Sport and Recreation South Africa by Mr Mncedisi Filtane, MP

The United Democratic Movement (UDM) supports the budget vote. The budget reduction in this department does not augur well for the promotion, development and transformation of sport in our Country. Already, compensation to the departmental employees had to be reduced on an escalating scale during the Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) period, totalling R4.9 million. The next victims of this reduction are goods and services. Regrettably, the very people who would have benefitted from the [...]

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Debate on Budget Vote 19: Defence and Military Veterans – Bantu Holomisa in National Assembly

Honourable Chairperson and Members The United Democratic Movement supports Budget 19. As we celebrate Africa Day, we are reminded of the important role played by our soldiers in keeping peace on our continent. I am certain, that their contribution will one day make Africa a continent for all its people and the world-over. In the context of my responsibility in the Defence Force Service Commission, I invite the Minister and the Joint Standing Committee on [...]

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UDM welcomes investigation into billions of rand lost due to negligent health care workers, statement by Bongani Msomi

The United Democratic Movement (UDM) is shocked by the exorbitant amount of tax payers’ money that is lost because of the Department of Health’s negligence. Spending R43 billion on lawsuits is ridiculous and it is even more concerning that nothing much is being done to put a stop to the wastage. We cannot be losing money, and especially not such a large amount, due to the carelessness of medical practitioners and health workers. Reports in [...]

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Avoidable WSU violence takes a life

The United Democratic Movement (UDM) in the strongest terms condemns the destructive behaviour of some Walter Sisulu University (WSU) students. The reported fight between WSU medical students and the fatal stabbing of a final year medical student, Lwando Mantshontsho, is shocking and seems quite senseless; it is difficult to grasp what has happened. Parents send their children to university in the hope that they will live and learn in a safe environment, yet they are [...]

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ANC hypocrisy too thick to swallow; Molefe “re-redeployment”

If it was not for the serious implications of the ruling party deployment agency; one might be tempted to laugh at the situation around the reinstatement of Mr Brian Molefe as the Eskom Chief Executive (CE). Exasperated opinions by, or on, Mr Molefe, Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Browne, the ruling party and the Eskom Board falls from the sky like hail stones on a tin roof. According to the ruling party, Mr Molefe’s reinstatement “…is [...]

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Towards a National Convention

UDM Discussion Document "Towards a National Convention: The state of South Africa and finding a new common vision" (4 May 2017) Bantu Holomisa's letter to National Foundations Dialogue Initiative (http://www.nfdi.org.za/) dialogue session on “Why does South Africa need a National Dialogue? A call to the Nation.”

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Freedom Day 2017, Bantu Holomisa’s contribution at a Multi-Stakeholder Rally

Colleagues in civil society and political parties My fellow South Africans 1. Thank you to the organisers We thank today’s organisers for hosting all of us at this historic celebration of Freedom Day. It can be argued that civil society was at the centre of the campaign that brought Apartheid to its knees. We have not forgotten the work of, amongst others, Bishop Tutu and the various faith based organisations, the labour movements and the [...]

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“Leading in the South African context” Bantu Holomisa’s presentation at the Spar Gala Dinner in Durban

1. What is leadership? If we accept that leadership is a process of social influence which maximises efforts of others towards achievement of a goal, what does it mean in the South African context?   2. What is the South African “goal” Surely it is to give expression to South Africa’s Constitution; specifically, the Bill of Rights. The Country’s basic vision, as detailed in the Constitution, includes our various personal freedoms, property and labour rights, [...]

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UDM condolences with children who died in Bronkhorstspruit accident

Statement by Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP and UDM President We have learnt with some shock and sadness of the twenty learners who were killed in a taxi accident just outside Bronkhorstspruit this afternoon. Incidents like this send chills down the spine. The images in the media, of the severely wrecked vehicles, might suggest that speed was involved. But, it must urgently be established what caused the accident and who is culpable. South Africa can’t afford [...]

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Constitutional Court case: secret ballot for Parliamentary vote on no-confidence motion, President Zuma

Letter from Mr N Kwankwa, UDM Chief Whip to the Speaker of the National Assembly's office re "Motion of No Confidence in the President of the Republic in terms of Section 102 of the Constitution of South Africa and Section 129 of the Rules of the National Assembly" (3 April 2017) - 182KB Letter from Mabuza Attorneys to the Speaker of the National Assembly re "Urgent: Motion of No-Confidence Schedules for 18 April 2017" (6 [...]

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