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2018 Budget Vote 10 – Public Service and Administration

Mr Mncedisi Filtane, MP and UDM Deputy-Chairperson Address by Mr ML Filtane, MP in the National Assembly Honourable Chairperson and members It is up to the citizens of South Africa to claim their entitlement to accountable government in which, constitutionally guaranteed human and other rights are upheld. The constitution alone, however sounds it is, is insufficient, unless it is fully applied in the daily lives of all of the people and the state [...]

North West under administration, but the provincial system itself is flawed

Mr Bantu Holomisa, MPUDM President Media release by Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP and UDM President Some might consider President Cyril Ramaphosa’s taking control of North West a good move and believe that it will sort out the administrative and management quagmire it finds itself in. Whilst we appreciate the sentiment that prompted this move, it remains to be seen if it will eradicate institutionalised corruption in the North West. The unabated looting of [...]

Open letter to Wesbank CEO re meeting about banks and car dealers’ relationships

Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP and UDM President Dear Mr De Kock LETTER OF GRATITUDE Our meeting of the 10th of May 2018 refers. I wish to express my gratitude that you convened us in the manner that you did. We are particularly grateful that you took time out of your busy schedule to prioritise this matter and to listen to us and allow us to engage with you. I believe it was a [...]

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2018 Budget Vote 39: Rural Development and Land Reform

Mr Mncedisi Filtane, MP and National Deputy Chairperson Address by Mr ML Filtane, MP in the National Assembly Subject for Discussion: Budget Vote 39: Rural Development and Land Reform Honourable Chairperson and members The Preamble of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, states: “we … believing that South Africa belongs to all who live in it…” Question is, which part of South Africa actually belongs to the landless. Please respond [...]

Local Government Week Outcomes: address by Mr LB Gaehler, MP (NCOP) in the National Assembly

Mr Lennox Gaehler, UDM Member of Parliament Honourable Chairperson and Members Notwithstanding the recent outbreak of listeriosis, in which at least 190 people have died, South Africa does not meet the world health standards for food inspectors. According to the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD), we have just one environmental health practitioner per 30, 000 people. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends a ratio of one environmental health practitioner for every 10, [...]

2018 Budget Vote 38: Human Settlements – address by Ms CN Majeke, MP in the National Assembly

Honourable Chairperson and members Outcome eight of the outcome-based performance approach that speaks to the mandate of the department adopted in January 2010, places responsibility on the part of the department to provide sustainable human settlements and improved quality living environment. However, visiting ward 28 in Soweto on Sea in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality (NMBM) where houses were built pre-2010, you will find a totally different and devastating reality. This has resulted in [...]

Why is Mduduzi Manana still an MP?

Ms Thandi NontenjaUDEMWO Secretary General Statement by Ms Thandi Nontenja, UDEMWO Secretary General The United Democratic Movement Women’s Organisation (UDEMWO) is disturbed by the fact that the former Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training Mduduzi Manana is again in the papers for alleged women abuse. Not long ago, he was released on bail after he assaulted a woman in Johannesburg. How many women must suffer at his hands before he is stopped? [...]

2018 Budget Vote 17: Social Development – Address by Ms CN Majeke, MP in the National Assembly

Ms Cynthia Majeke, UDM Member of Parliament Subject for Discussion: Budget Vote 17: Social Development Honourable Speaker and members The United Democratic Movement (UDM) supports the report. However, the UDM feels that there are major obstacles in the way that the department must overcome, namely within social work graduates and the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). Chairperson, drugs and alcohol abuse is one of the struggles that the country is facing. [...]

2018 Budget Vote 14: Basic Education; declaration by Ms CN Majeke, MP in the National Assembly

Ms Cynthia Majeke, UDM Member of Parliament Honourable Chairperson and Honourable Members Education is the greatest investment into the success of the National Development Plan and the advancement of the South African socio-economic status and basic education is the starting point. Over time the quality and output of the South African basic education system has changed. On the positive side: • Pre-school enrolment has improved; • The proportion of people with aged 20 [...]

Debate: Condolence Motion on the passing of Ms Winnie Madikizela Mandela

Honourable Speaker and Members, Mr Nqabayomzi Kwankwa, MP and UDM Deputy-President A big tree, an outstanding servant of the people, a struggle icon has fallen. Dr Maya Angelou, in her poem “The Great Tree has Fallen” says, and I quote: “…. when great souls die, after a period, peace blooms, slowly and always irregularly. Spaces fill with a kind of soothing electric vibration. Our senses, restored never to be the same, whisper [...]

Open Letter to Wesbank CEO re corruption in motor vehicle sales – immoral alliance between banks and car dealers

Bantu Holomisa, MP and UDM President OPEN LETTER Mr Chris de Kock WesBank Chief Executive Officer Enterprise Road Fairland 2170 Dear Mr De Kock CORRUPTION IN MOTOR VEHICLE SALES – IMMORAL ALLIANCE BETWEEN BANKS AND CAR DEALERS Background In November of 2004, a senior government official, Mr Mzukisi Ndara is induced into buying a 2004 Nissan X-Trail 2.2 Diesel S.E. with approximately 7,000 kilometres distance travelled on the odometer, with a registration number [...]

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Workers Day 2018

Media release by Mr Nqabayomzi Kwankwa, MP and UDM Deputy President On Labour Day, 1 May 2018, we all dwell on the plight of the working South African and the United Democratic Movement (UDM) unequivocally supports our workforce. South Africa’s painful history, with the exploitation of black South Africans, has left a scar on the psyche of our workforce and the poor. Today the formerly oppressed, comprising the biggest section of our workforce, as [...]

Freedom Day 2018

Mr Bongani MsomiUDM Secretary General Statement by Mr Bongani Msomi, UDM Secretary General Truth be told, we started well in 1994. South Africa built a democratic dispensation based on the noble ideals of protecting human rights and promoting freedom. The struggle movements and leaders can take a bow for breaking down minority rule. But, it is hard to celebrate political freedom, when the majority of our people remains locked out of economic freedom. [...]

#UDEMWO on Freedom Day 2018: what are we celebrating?

Ms Thandi NontenjaUDEMWO Secretary General Although some changes for the better have taken place since 1994, there are far too many areas that require vast improvement; especially when it comes to women and children; their needs and the protection of their rights. 1) Economic inequality, crushing poverty and gender discrimination are still the order of the day and most women (especially the elderly and the young) are worse off in this patriarchal [...]

#EWC #LandDebate #UdmMthathaDialogue… don’t sit out! Take ownership of the debate; whether you live in a palace, house, flat, rondawel or a shack. We all deserve equality and economic freedom

Speaking Notes for Mr B Holomisa, MP and UDM President at a Public Community Meeting on the Expropriation of Land without Compensation: a National Assembly Resolution • Chairperson • Traditional, religious and community leaders • Leaders of the UDM and our public representatives • Ladies and gentlemen 1. Welcome Thank you for accepting my invitation to this meeting. Today we will consider an issue of national importance i.e. the debate around the expropriation of [...]

Changes to labour legislations must go back to #Nedlac for broader consultation

The United Democratic Movement (UDM) makes an urgent call on government to refer the proposed changes to the Labour Relations Act and the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, as well as the introduction of the National Minimum Wages Bill, back to the National Economic Development and Labour Council (Nedlac). These proposed changes are tantamount to rolling back progress made thus far in terms of the rights of the working class. From the thunderous outcry [...]