|April Fool’s joke? Zuma’s cabinet reshuffle

April Fool’s joke? Zuma’s cabinet reshuffle

The United Democratic Movement has noted President Zuma’s cabinet reshuffle.

The appointment of Malusi Gigaba as the new minister of finance is disconcerting, because of his clear association with the Gupta family. President Zuma is strengthening his hold on cabinet with the appointment of Sfiso Buthelezi as Gigaba’s deputy and it won’t be surprising if people start dismissing these two as indunas from the palace whose main objective would be to facilitate the further looting of resources.

The fact that the Rand tanked yesterday evening, even before President Zuma made any announcement, is a sign that South Africa is in for a rough ride in the next few days up until it is clear what the new minister of finance plans to do.

The “sideways promotion” of Faith Muthambi, Nkosinathi Nhleko and Bathabile Dlamini is disappointing, because they have failed in their previous portfolios. Instead of punishing them for their failures, they have been rewarded for showing loyalty to the President.

Politically speaking, many of the ministers, who have been removed, still hold position within the African National Congress and, given the noise made by the Communist Party today, it would be interesting to see how the Communist Party ministers will react.

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  1. Jonguxolo Wiseman Mbodla March 31, 2017 at 4:18 pm

    Thanks Jana I am delighted to hear that. One of my colleagues I spoke to pertaining to this, he is in fact the one who said “even if I were to get the application form now”. This means that he feels it inside, he’s burning to see the change. I triggered his wish. That is why I am wondering how many other South Africans that share the same thought.

  2. Jonguxolo Wiseman Mbodla March 31, 2017 at 11:15 am

    I am no political analyst but I have concluded as per my subject line above. This emanated from my assessment as follows:
    Looking into 2019, lets analyse the so called big political parties in S.A. We all know that it is no secret that the ANC is currently busy with its “death project” and the project sponsor is Pres Jacob Zuma. The Democratic Alliance has since followed suit and their project sponsor is Hellen Zille, especially with her recent praise for colonialism, which praise “uneased” those who had optimum support for the DA. It will be a futile exercise for Maimane to try and do damage control in less than two full years, for them to be able to regain support from voters who were in one way or the other, en route to believing that DA can take them forward. Coming to EFF, they might be having promising (but unrealistic) policies and plans for this country, but they are “frightening” to many. Potential voters are very much not comfortable with their conduct and the way they approach matters. Even some of their members and supporters have started to pack bags, others left already. Now we have votes wandering about, voters who were looking at voting into power either of the mentioned parties, has since frozen their “move” due to the counted shortcomings of these so-called big parties. Now we are seeking “game changers” who can be able to take this country forward. Having looked around, I cannot seem to pass by General Bantu Holomisa. Why Gen B Holomisa?
    1. He has been consistent in his stance of defending what is right.
    2. Out of the political “figures” who had their fair share of scandals, General has always maintained the Madiba type integrity, up to this far. The mere fact that tata Nelson Mandela died still holding on his optimum respect for General Bantu Holomisa, means that the latter shared same sentiment with the former.
    3. General played an invaluable role in the liberation of this country especially when he governed in Transkei, the ANC knows that very well.
    4. Further, he showcased his undoubted ability to govern when he took over in the then Transkei government, so now why would he not be given a chance to prove himself to the people of South Africa?
    The public has to be sensitized with these facts, we need to sell this to the masses. For your information, when I pitched this idea for the very first time to my colleagues at work, it took me less than 5 minutes to get about three people ratifying this idea. One of them even said, even if I were to get membership form to sign now, if it would mean General could be our president. How many other people would “buy” this idea if it effectively “marketed”? When marketing to people, you need to understand the product or service you are selling and its value, then people will buy from you. The UDM and its leaders is the product/service here, the market is open (its the people of SA). What we need is an effective marketing plan to be drawn and implemented, thereby reviving the party. This project can be huge (that is if it can be received by visionaries)
    God bless you all

    J.W. Mbodla
    Nelson Mandela Bay

    • Jana March 31, 2017 at 11:54 am

      Dear Jonguxolo

      You have made a good analyses of the RSA political landscape and thank you for the compliments. I will forward your message to the UDM leadership, Mr Holomisa in particular.

      All the best

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