|#UniversityStudents, be responsible and good luck for 2018!

#UniversityStudents, be responsible and good luck for 2018!

Mr Bongani Msomi
UDM Secretary General

Message to students from by Mr Bongani Msomi, UDM Secretary General

The United Democratic Movement (UDM) wishes the best of luck to all the young South Africans who will begin a new chapter of life at the institutions of higher learning throughout the Country. We hope that you are ready for new ventures ahead and that you will meet the challenges that cross your paths head-on. Make the most of your education opportunities!

As the saying goes: “education is key to success”. When you arrive on campus, remember that your main purpose of being there is not only to better yourselves, but your success will have a positive knock-on effect on your families. Never forget the sacrifices your parents made and all the hard work you have done so far. You will face many obstacles, but do not be led astray or lose focus. You can become whatever you want (and set your goals even higher) through hard work and dedication.

South Africa needs more academics who can contribute to finding solutions to the crises we face, be it in finance, politics or health, and so forth. You are our future and must help to find answers to those questions.

Even though the UDM has been very vocal about its sympathy for the #FeesMustFall student movement, we urge those students who wish to show their dissatisfaction with the system in a non-violent and non-destructive manner. We understand that desperation and frustration sometimes lead to anger, but civil disobedience – breaking and burning university property – is not the answer. In the long run, such destructive behaviour will only affect you and your studies directly. Please protest in a peaceful manner.

The UDM wishes all students a fruitful year of study in 2018.

Issued by:
Mr Bongani Msomi
UDM Secretary General

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