Joint Statement by Mbhazima Shilowa and Bantu Holomisa

Joint statement Mbhazima Shilowa and Bantu Holomisa Today marks yet another milestone in our journey towards political realignment.  Our announcement takes forward the discussions which started after the 2009 elections when it became apparent that South Africans yearned for a viable alternative. This process had stalled, in part, as the Independent Democrats (ID) joined the Democratic Alliance (DA) and the internal ructions with the Congress of the People (COPE).   Recently, more than 800 delegates [...]

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Speech: Debate on State of the Nation Address by Bantu Holomisa

Mister Speaker, Mister President, Deputy President and Honourable Members, State of the Nation Address debates give South Africans an opportunity to participate in discussions about issues that affect our country. We should therefore not underestimate the value of this important democratic practice in strengthening our democracy. Elsewhere in the world such opportunities do not exist. Mister President, allow me to apologise in advance for not being able to stay for the entire duration of this [...]

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DA march on Luthuli House creates a bad precedent

by Bantu Holomisa The United Democratic Movement (UDM) condemns the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) decision to march on Luthuli House. Nowhere in the world has a political party marched on another political party to air its disagreements and concerns on policy positions and government programmes. The march should be on the Union Buildings, the seat of Government, rather than on the headquarters of a political party. It is ironic that the DA, which always pontificates about [...]

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2014 Manifesto Launch address by Bantu Holomisa at Nasrec

• The National Chairperson of the UDM, Mr Zolisa Lavisa, • UDM Secretary General, Mr Bongani Msomi • The Members the UDM National Executive Committee Officer, • UDM PEC Members, • UDM Members of Parliament, Legislature and Councillors, • UDM REC Members, • Traditional Leaders, • Honoured Guests, • Members of the Media, • UDM Members, • Fellow South Africans: WELCOME I am pleased to welcome you to the United Democratic Movement’s (UDM) Manifesto Launch [...]

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UDM Manifesto 2014

Message from UDM President Bantu Holomisa My fellow South Africans 2014 is an auspicious year, as South Africans mark 20 years of freedom. The Bill of Rights ensures that all the citizens of our beautiful country have the right to equal protection and benefit of the law. Our dignity has been restored and we enjoy freedom and security of our person. We can live where we want to. No one is denied access to establishments [...]

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