Ms Thandi Nontenja[/caption]

The United Democratic Movement Women’s Organisation is disgusted by the acts of South African men who have no respect for women’s lives. In the previous year, we have seen women die like flies in the hands of men.

It has been 22 days into the New year, we wake up to shocking and devastating news of yet another young woman who’s been brutally murdered by her boyfriend. The question lingers “What happened to the moral compass of a South African male?’ these thugs do not deserve to be called men because real men do not abuse nor do they take life.

An intern Dr Sibongile Nkhwashu’s life was cut short by an animal who goes around calling himself a man, a life that was supposed to be absorbed into health fraternity to expand the much-needed doctors in this country has been taken away from us because of a degenerated moral compass of her lover.

Where should women live and in order to lead safer lives in our societies? Killings of women robs society of a brighter future; this is totally unacceptable

The UDEMWO calls for harsh punishments and no bail for the perpetrator and all perpetrators of Gender-based violence, we further call on all sectors of society to weigh-in on GBV in order to have a collective and a united voice against the scourge.

This is not only a government issue, however a societal issue that needs all our efforts to defeat it.

We need safer communities with zero tolerance on crime, members of community working with the police, civil society, religious/faith groups and all stakeholders to curb this scourge.

Government should expand and accelerate these interventions and reinforce its work on the 365 days of activism and not just 16 days.

Issued by:

Ms Thandi Nontenja

UDEMWO Secretary General