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Paying for university education

statement by Media and Marketing Director (03 February 1998) The decision by the South African University Vice Chancellors’ Association that students owing money to a university, will be refused entry to the institution, and the subsequent confrontation at the University of the Western Cape, were both perhaps unavoidable actions. With a load of R500m of unpaid study accounts, our universities just cannot continue to function properly, also in the light of decreasing government subsidies. Students, [...]

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South Africa’s competitiveness

statement by UDM President and Deputy-President The surprising rating of South Africa’s competitiveness as 7th among 23 African countries by the World Economic Forum should be a clear wake-up call if we want to develop a world-class country within ten years. The main reasons for our poor performance are essentially the pessimistic business perceptions of South Africa, with the high crime rate as the most bedeviling factor, and the low ratings regarding the training and productivity [...]

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