The integrity of the new party

statement by Roelf Meyer The new political party to be launched on 27 September will endeavour to designate the problem of civil order as one of the highest priority for South Africa. This would include making our society criminal-hostile to the greatest possible extent, rooting out corruption and fostering national moral regeneration. In order to achieve these goals, the protection of the integrity of the party and its membership needs to be a top priority. [...]

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Van Schalkwyk’s remarks re the NMP

statement by NMP Media Manager (09 September 1997) At his media conference today, newly elected NP leader Marthinus van Schalkwyk remarked that the NMP had issued a statement to the effect that the new party to be launched on September 27, will not reveal its name, policy or leader at the founding congress. This is, of course, patently untrue and Van Schalkwyk is either badly informed or malicious. We do plan to launch a new [...]

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